Welcome to our Base Camp

Camp Chirinola

Why are we doing this?

Due to the fact that tourism is changing and the preference of the visitors is moving towards the search and enjoyment of eco-tourism activities and direct contact with nature such as camping, we consider that it is an excellent opportunity to undertake this project in order to diversify the business and increase the share of this segment of the tourism market and thus consolidate ourselves as one of the leading companies in the eco-tourism sector, which is why we decided to create a model of eco-tourism camp which we will call CAMPAMENTO CHIRINOLA.

Camp Chirinola Origins

Aptly named after the Chirinola cactus, or the scientific species name, Eruca, meaning caterpillar. These cactus are endemic to the islands of Magdalena Bay growing horizontally only 5 cm per year! Like these cactuses, life at the camp is unique and always moving forward at a slow and steady pace. This family-owned and operated ecotourism project was created to show travelers and explorers alike a different way of life than the other tourist-flooded cities of Mexico.

The Set-Up

Each spacious 20×20 ft tent has wooden deck flooring and mats to ensure you don’t carry any sand into your clean bed. Also, each tent contains tables, a couch, power strip, a large floor fan, bedside lamps, and lots of places to hang damp towels and clothes. The beds have a pillow top duvet, large pillows, and extra blankets. Each room is suited for 2-3 people with twin beds for singles and king beds for couples. We stock the rooms with bath towels and face towels for each guest. Each bed faces a window to the sea with floor-length curtains for privacy.

There are two full bathrooms just a few steps from your tent with hot water showers inside, and washing sinks with mirrors on the outside. The toilets flush regularly and there is a septic system. Each bathroom is stocked with shampoo, body soap, and anti-bacterial hand soap.

The common area consists of dining tables and chairs, a full bar, a full kitchen, coffee and tea station, brick oven, hammocks, a small library, and board games. The perfect place to kick back and enjoy the breezy view over the bay.

The Food

Your private chef Raul is a master at preparing Mag Bay’s specialty: FRESH SEAFOOD. Every day the local fishermen will bring locally caught seafood to our camp for Raul to prepare for you in any way that you like. We will have 3 meals a day plus snacks and fruit available at all times. In our open kitchen, Raul can teach you how to prepare traditional Mexican meals, show you the best way to season the fish you caught that day, or simply just watch the master at work! Although Mag Bay is known for its delectable seafood, we serve a variety of food that is sure to fill your appetite. Plus, we can fulfill any and every type of diet and dietary request, including vegan and gluten-free. The best part: we source all of our food locally! 85 percent of fruits and veggies come from the farms on the mainland nearby, the fish of course comes from the bay, all the meat comes from farmers that you would have passed on your way in, and our delicious tortillas are handmade from a local woman right in town.

Other Amenities

  • Wash tanks for cameras, wetsuits, and dive gear
  • Outdoor drying racks
  • Coffee and Tea Station
  • Rental Snorkeling Gear
    Full Kitchen and Bar
  • Open Air Palapa with Dining tables, Hammocks
  • Fire Pit
  • Full-Time Staff on Site at all Times including Captain, Guide, and Chef
  • Transport Van
  • A 4wd Tahoe on Site with Trailer
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayaks
  • Surfboards
  • Quad bike
  • Sailboat for sunset cruises
  • Sportfishing Boats and Fishing Gear
  • Pangas

your special place in magdalena bay

take a look on what we are creating for you

An experience in direct contact with nature!

Live the experience of camping in our base camp "Chirinolla" that we have in Magdalena Island located south of the Bay (40 min. from the Hotel) and enjoy in our attractive and modern tents for a pleasant rest between the beautiful landscapes of Magdalena Bay and the Pacific Ocean. We offer outdoor activities among others: Whale Watching, Sport Fishing, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Dive & Snorkeling of Marlin (Sardine run), Surfing, etc. As part of our services at the camp we offer you the opportunity to do kayaking in the canals, estuaries and mangroves nearby and tours for flora and fauna watching in our boats, such as Gray Whale watching, Birding and hiking. Sport fishing is a perfect option to enjoy your stay; we have the equipment and accessories to guarantee you an unforgettable adventure with your family or friends! We take care of all the logistics including nautical transportation, food, basic hygiene services, security and communication.